How does the online backup system work?

Once installed, the Viper IT Online Backup software runs a fully automated offsite backup of your important files and data as per your defined schedule (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).

When your schedule is due, the selected files are encrypted, compressed and sent to the Viper IT Online Backup servers through a secure (SSL) connection.

Each scheduled backup from then will be made of all new and changed files and sent to our servers, again encrypted, compressed and over a secure connection.

After each backup you will receive an email notification with a detailed report attached - if the backup didn't complete you will also be notified. We will also know, and will take actions to complete the backup.

Once the files are backed up to our main server this will then be duplicated to our replicated server to ensure no data loss occurs.

Sounds simple doesn't it - well why not give it a go with a FREE 30-day trial account? You've nothing to lose - and when it comes to data, that's a very big advantage!

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