Product Comparison of our different Online Backup software products

Online Backup - suitable for users with different needs

Viper IT's two different products, Viper OBM and Viper ACB, both allow you to backup your files but are designed for different uses - be it a desktop, a laptop or a server.

If your not sure which product you need call us on 0844 5 000 333 - we will be able to recommend the product for you.

Viper OBM

Viper ACB
No. of backup sets Unlimited 1
Applicable Hardware Server / NAS / PC / Mac Server / PC / Mac
Backup Schedule
- Continuous data protection Y Y
- Daily Y Y
- Weekly Y Y
- Monthly Y  
- Yearly Y  
Multiple schedules Y  
- 128-bit / 256-bit Y Y
- Configurable by end-user Y  
TwoFish Y  
Triple DES Y  
Available Module
- Microsoft Exchange Server Y  
- Brick Level Mail Backup Y  
- Microsoft SQL Server Y  
- Lotus Domino / Notes Y  
- Oracle Y  
- MySQL Y  
- In-File Delta (Simple) Y Y
- In-File Delta (Advanced) Y  
- Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Y Y
Retention Policy
- Simple Y Y
- Advanced Y  
- Initiate backup from Backup server Y Y
- Pre/post-backup command Y  
- Simple backup filter Y Y
- Advanced backup filter Y Y
- Logout reminder Y Y
- Offline backup reminder Y Y
- Local copy Y  
- Web restoration Y Y
- Supported languages 26 26

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