Business Backup Solutions

When it comes to your company's data, you often don't know what you've got until it's gone. The problem is that if that data does go, statistics show that 9 out of 10 affected companies go out of business within 2 years.

Even if you do have a backup, have you tested that it works? When was the last time it was performed? The fact is that for backups to work in small businesses they have to:

  • Be completely automated with no user intervention
  • Be stored off site to avoid natural disaters e.g. flood
  • Have multiple copies in case of media failure
  • Be encrypted to keep your data secure (optional)

Viper IT Solutions can manage all of this for you, either by installing on-site backup equipment or by using our online backup service.

On-Site Backup Systems

Viper IT Solutions can install automated backup equipment in your office - all you have to do is swap the cartridges each day. Our backup systems do not use 'tapes' - we use special cartridges that offer much faster backup and restore times. Unlike tapes, our cartridges do not need replacing every 6 months and the total price usually works out cheaper than a conventional tape system.

Online Automated Backup

Alternatively, we can offer our online backup service. This system handles everything for you - you don't even need to change backup tapes. There are also virtually no upfront fees - visit today for more information.

Why not call our team to find out how we can help you. Simply call Viper on 0844 5 000 333 today!

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