Online Backup

How valuable is your company's data?

Do you know where your data is currently stored? Is all the vital data backed up or is it stored in someone's 'My Documents' folder? All your data can be stored off-site on one of our remote servers - if disaster strikes, you're protected. Viruses, defective hardware, accidental deletion or even a malicious member of staff may cause you to lose data - no need to panic, simply restore the data from your off-site backup.

Statistics show that 9 out of 10 companies that lose data go out of business within 2 years, some never recover from the initial loss and don't re-open at all.

The Viper IT Online Backup service helps you to protect your business by securing your most important asset - your data. In the event of a disaster whatever you have decided to backup can easily be restored.

Is my data safe and secure?
be local, buy localAll the data sent from you is encrypted, compressed and sent via your Internet connection in small units. If someone did intercept one of your units the data is useless and unreadable without your encryption key. The encryption key set is used to backup and restore your data and ensures confidentiality.
Unlike many online backup companies, we hold your data on our own UK based servers and any support is handled by our UK based support team. Your data is duplicated onto multiple servers for reliability.
Online Backup Benefits
Our online backup covers all the essential problem areas usually associated with business data backups:
* Backups are automatically taken every night, if selected
* Backups are not left onsite therefore your data are safe in the event of theft, fire, etc.
* Backups are encrypted with an encryption key and sent over a secure connection for total data security
* Backups can be fully or partially restored from any location with an Internet connection and your encryption key
* Acidentally deleted or overwritten a file? We can hold previous versions of your files for up to 365 days if you so choose.
* Do you know if your last backup was successful? We do. We monitor your backups every day to ensure they have completed.
* Conventional tape-based backups tend to only store the last 3 backups you take - we can store hundreds if you wish.

With online backup prices from just £2 per GB why not call our team to find out how we can help you. To contact Viper IT simply call on 0844 5 000 333 today!

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