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Guide – Modern Phone Systems

Do you remember how business used to work 20 years ago?

7 benefits of a phone system designed for the way we do business in 2020.

Everyone worked from the office, probably using a huge grey or beige computer with a monitor the size of a breeze block. You just about had space on yout desk for your phone and a coffee – your notepad had to balance at a funny angle.

The UK needs the economy, the economy needs you. All of you. We all need to play our part in keeping the economy going. Now more than ever.

Guide – Work from Home Video Calls

Helping you to get the best possible video calls for you, your team and your business A list of helpful hints and tips for video calling. What was once something for the big corporations is now commonly used across the world on various platforms. Remember with all...

Remote Working

Remote Working Having the flexibility of working from home and on the move can a big advantage to staff especially in sitations like Coronavirus or when your office is out of action such as power/flood/fire damage.     Section 1 – Security Protecting your...

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