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Voice or data. What’s your choice?

You need your team to be able to call clients or accept incoming orders over the phone. You need your team to be able to get access to emails, the web and your online systems.

We offer a range of communication options that make simple tasks easier. Whether it’s mobile phones, desk phones, conference phone solutions – or simply getting an internet connection.

What is your goal?


To talk to people

Sounds simple doesn’t it. Just having a call with someone else. Do you want to upgrade to a video call, a three-way call, a conference call.

There are a number of possible options with everything and it is about having the right one for you.

Some options you may need to think about include:

Mobile phone

Microsoft Teams phone services

Fixed line services

Hosted line services

Line management

To get online

Aren’t we all online already? Unfortunately not yet. Well not in the business scenario where you have a team of people. Or you need unlimited data allowances, unrestricted bandwidth use.

This is one of the key requirements for most businesses and selecting the right one is key, especially if locked into a 12-month or 24-month deal.

Some options you may need to think about include:

ADSL broadband

VDSL broadband

Leased line

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

4G broadband

Others we have helped

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