Body Happy Lewes – building a gym

Who: Body Happy

What: A fully-equipped fitness centre and wellbeing studio

Where: Lewes

Why: Body Happy Lewes was a concrete shell when we were first called in, but owner Jenny Day knew exactly how she wanted the gym to look and operate when it opened. 



All the state-of-the-art equipment at Body Happy Lewes is made by eGym, which in laymen’s terms means it’s all singing, all dancing and very techy. It’s great for gym users – it does clever things like remember your last sessions, your strengths and your goals when you tap the machines with your membership card. We were called in to make sure everything works brilliantly for both the Body Happy team and its clients.

Because of the way they wanted their building and layout set up, we had to put together a custom-made solution. Body Happy wanted us to install the network from scratch, which meant getting it up and running, but also making sure it was able and fast enough to do everything they wanted from it at the touch of a button.

When we first arrived the building was nothing but a shell, an empty concrete basement. We installed the network throughout, taking care to leave enough capacity for equipment to be easily relocated at a later date, should they need or want to do that.

Next we ensured the building had Wi-Fi coverage throughout, but again made sure that a larger connection could easily be installed a later date, if they should need that at any point.We then installed management software on all the desktop computers and integrated a telephone system, a speaker/audio system and a door access system, so that each machine has full capabilities.

They wanted this bespoke solution to operate at 100% 24-hours a day, so that’s exactly what we created for them.

Jenny Day, owner and founder of Body Happy, says: “I couldn’t be more pleased with the work that Viper IT have done for us. They were clear and helpful at every stage, I knew exactly what was happening and when, and the whole thing was done to the very highest standards. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”