From empty new-build to fully-fitted office space

What: A local IT provider in need of a network solution

Where: Southwick

Why: The business needed network installation, testing and sign-off, all within a tight deadline.

[Pictures are only showing internals as non disclosed tenant]

This project was done as part of our officeSWITCHuk service.

DMC Group, a local electrical contractor that we’d collaborated with before, asked us to install a network and server room for another IT provider. Local to us and a larger operation, it was an unusual request but we were very happy to oblige.

As IT providers they knew exactly what they wanted – and in this case more importantly when they needed it done by, which was ASAP as they wanted to move into the premises and get up and running.

Our remit was basically to take the location points they’d marked out on a drawing and get it installed, tested and signed off, all before they moved in (imminently).

The reasons we were called in, despite the company in question having the knowledge and capability to do it themselves, were the quality of our work, the speed of delivery and the fact that we can apply for a 25-year warranty with the manufacturer, because we are approved installers.

While they knew what they were doing (albeit usually on a smaller scale) they needed this done while they worked, so couldn’t down tools to do the job themselves.

This is the sort of job that can be done very cheaply if you cut a few corners, but it just isn’t worth it in the long run. Get it done properly by a reputable company who know exactly what they’re doing and can offer you longevity of use.

We saved this IT provider time, effort and gave them total piece of mind.