The Old Bank – turning a bank into a high spec shared office space

Who: Sensor Access Technology

What: A bank to shared office space conversion

Where: Brighton and Hove

Why: The office security remit in particular had to be extremely high spec and easy to use.


Viper IT first met Sensor Access Technology before the building in question had been purchased. The purchase went through and the client liked our vision for the set-up and security of the building, so we were taken on board.

Our remit then rapidly expanded as it became clear to the client that we had expertise in a broad range of his requirements, which he had originally thought he would have to farm out to various different contractors.

Offering a single point of contact throughout, we established the full network (including Wi-Fi) from design and installation through to commissioning. We then took on the CCTV for the project as it was deemed under our remit as a network-based system, as well as door access control. The latter was a bespoke design by the client as this is the company’s area of expertise.

We then integrated the intercoms solution into the CCTV and door access control so tenants could use the wall-based tablets to see who was calling them. This also offers an app-based answering system so calls can be taken and CCTV reviewed remotely. When in the office external cameras can all be accessed and reviewed from inside.

An intelligent post box system was also set up to allow parcels to be left regardless of anyone being in the office.

Our final project here was to convert an old vault into a boardroom screen set-up.

Ahmed Abbas, Owner of Sensor Access Technology, said: “I was originally keen to get Viper IT on board because of their relevant sector experience. This meant they were able to give first-hand advice as to best practice and solutions.

“The fact that they were able to handle so many different elements of the conversion took a lot of legwork, time and stress out for me, which I really appreciated.

“But above all I would say I was most impressed with Tom as a person. He came across as very genuine right from the outset and there was never any hard sell. His personable approach really sealed the deal for me, and I would 120% recommend Viper IT to others, both within and beyond my sector.”