Are you returning to the office?

Lockdown is being eased in some areas. You may still feel in lockdown. But have you started planning for when your team return to the building? To their office? To their desk?

Before you get going

When you start to put together a plan, look at how the lockdown has affected your business. What’s worked well? What would you do differently if you’d had more time to plan?

Make a list. This will help you along these next steps.

Your people

Do you have people who are in a higher risk category? Or who live with someone who is?

Is everyone coming back or have you had to furlough anybody?

It isn’t going to be a case of everyone starts back in the office on Monday at 8.30am. The way we will work has changed, for some remote working hasn’t been bad. If you didn’t have remote workers before this may now seem like an option.

With a phased return to the workplace, take note of how well the team have coped. Those who have rised to to the challenge will be the last to return. Those who have struggled should be amongst the first, where possible.

Your equipment

While everyone has been working from home, they’ve needed devices to work on, and a setup that allows them to access what they’ve needed.

What needs to be where to allow the relevant people to return? How will you manage the safekeeping and return of any company equipment during the return?

If you plan to keep some staff working from home, permanently or regularly, do they have everything they need?

Your data

Access to your data has been moved across devices from your workplace, to homes, and now needs to come back. Has your data security been compromised in any way during this process?

Data may have been saved in various locations and it is important to get this back under control. Back in a safe manor that allows it to be controlled and checked for compliance reasons.

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