Sandwiches, crumpets and cyber security

Now we’re not commonly in the business of taking the wind out of anyone’s sails, but hold tight because here we go… if you haven’t thought about cyber security during the Coronavirus pandemic, you are stark raving bonkers, off your crumpet, a sandwich short of a picnic.

Why? Because it matters more at the moment than it ever did before. (And by the way it already mattered before.)




Cyberattacks are on the up and up, because our increased dependence on digital tools is being exploited by hackers. They’re targeting our increased reliance on digital tools, as well as our uncertainty about Coronavirus itself. Nice guys, eh?

Overnight, the internet became (for hundreds of thousands of people globally) the go-to channel for human interaction – not to mention the primary way we work, contact and support each other.

Families, businesses and even governments are now swapping more information than ever before online. So how could a cyber attack affect this? As a worst-case scenario, it could steal your data, turn out your lights, obstruct healthcare workers, take entire cities offline and wipe out public systems. So not great.

Cybercriminals exploit human weaknesses. And like it or not we’re all a little weaker at the moment. We’re a little more likely to make mistakes we would not otherwise make. The ugly sticking point is that making a small mistake, (such as which link you click or who you trust with your data), can have a big impact.

But there are things you can do to stop any of this happening…

  • Maintaining good cyber hygiene
  • Verifying sources
  • Staying up-to-date on official updates

In the blogs that follow this one we will take each of these in turn and expand on them, so you know exactly what to do, when to do it and how we can help you with all of this. Because at Viper IT that’s part of what we do – it was what we were doing long before the world started spinning in a slightly different direction, but it’s what we’re doing now more than ever.

Our job is to protect you, your business, your data – you. Get in touch today to discuss your cybersecurity needs. Think you don’t have cybersecurity needs? Think again.

Stay Safe.