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As Viper IT approaches the ripe old age of 19, (in September 2020), we wanted to take a look back at where it all began.

For us, it all began in a converted garage. Just like Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft (just saying!) Ok, so we haven’t reached quite the same level of world dominance (yet), but actually the principles that they started with are very similar to ours.

Our original mantra, which we still very much hold on to today, was to help and support local businesses of all sizes. So far that has been locally and regionally across the South East, though also across Europe and even Australia. And since that time, things have certainly changed a bit…

For starters technology has changed massively. But at the root of it, people are still using laptops, desktops, printers and email, just as they always were. I guess the difference now is the sophistication of it all – both in terms of the technology itself, though also the threats to the security of that technology.

To give them their due, hackers are very smart people – unfortunately for the rest of us. But that’s what keeps Viper IT motivated, to keep up with them, to be one step ahead of the game, so that we can stick to our guns and do what we always set out to do – keep businesses safe, up and running at full throttle and working as productively as possible.

Imagine if (as happened to me just the other day) 19 years ago the window cleaner had pinged you the service report and payment link as he stood there completing the job in front of you. I must say I thought nothing of it until afterwards.

Times have certainly moved forward – for the better. Luckily, at Viper IT we’re at the forefront of that movement, so we can always make sure you’re furnished with the latest, fastest, most appropriate technology to make your business run as smoothly as possible.

For any of your security or IT solution needs, get in touch with Viper IT today – we’re always very happy to help.

Stay Safe.


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