IT support guys (and girls) are like swans

[This article is a follow on from IT Support – it’s not what you think it is]

Elegant, graceful, lots of feathers …ok no, people who work in IT support are neither elegant, graceful nor feathered. But they are like swans. How so? Because if everything is plain sailing and you’re not experiencing any problems, we’re doing our job right.

Now that may make it seem like a very easy job to you, because you don’t see the frantic, crazy paddling that goes on underneath the surface. That’s us you see – working all day (and sometimes night), to make sure everything goes without a glitch or a hitch.

We proactively deliver monitoring, administration and maintenance around the clock. Which is why managed service providers (that’s part of what we do) should be an integral part of your business and your businesses aspirations and growth strategy. It is our job to expertly guide you on your digital journey.

And that’s not just us blowing our own clarinet – it is a matter of being an expert. Managed service providers invest a lot of time, effort and money in learning, training and utilising systems and software to ensure all this happens for you, without you even noticing.

But how do we do that? And what would happen if we didn’t?

I mean I’m not trying to put the cat amongst the pigeons here but the consequences of not having an IT support system in place have the potential to be nothing short of catastrophic.

Yes, I know that sounds dramatic but it’s true. Think of all the things that are on your computer, your laptop, your phone – because I bet they’re all connected. So if one has a chink in its armour they all become vulnerable.

Similarly, if there’s a problem with any one of them, in terms of speed or efficiency, it can affect them all. This isn’t a matter of Facebook uploading slowly, it’s a matter of someone stealing your identity. Just one of many reasons why effective IT support is really quite important.

Stay Safe.


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