Just when you think you’ve got it sorted …the rules change

Some people are working in their bedrooms, some in the kitchen …and chances are some of your workforce may well be back in the office now. You’ve set everything up so all this is possible and everyone’s adhering to all the social distancing rules. But then the rules change.

You don’t have to be two metres apart, it can be ‘one metre-plus’, with caution …or something. You can work, you should go back to the office if you can, but you can also work from home, but you shouldn’t, unless you really want to, then you should. Geddit? No, us neither.

But the point is the rules keep changing. We’re not complaining about that by any stretch of the imagination – it’s progress after all. But it does mean that all the measures we had in place are now outdated. If we redesign the office space again with the new social distancing rules, we can have more people at work – so it’s in our interest to do that. But what about the IT systems?

What happens if people want to work some days in the office and some days at home? Will it all continue to work smoothly? And what about the phones? Will the emails all end up in one inbox, even though they’re being accessed from phones, offices and laptops? Will the latest threads be there, regardless of the device?

What about when furlough ends …what happens then?

What if everything isn’t cloud based? How do you achieve the transition and do it as quickly and efficiently as possible to avoid downtime for the business?

Are meetings going to be possible if you’re all in different places and on different devices? What if there’s a presentation, a hand-out? How will it work?

In short …we’ve got this. We can do all this and so much more. IT systems are our thing. Adapting old ones, making brand new ones, expanding, tweaking – you name it we can do it. With very little downtime – if not no downtime at all – so your business not only improves, because the whole thing will work more efficiently, but does so as you carry on working. Pretty cool, eh?

We can build a system to your exact IT needs and make it do whatever you’d like it to do. Get in touch today to discuss how we can make your business run at its optimum level – now, tomorrow and always, regardless of which rules change and when.

Stay Safe.



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