So …looks like this a ‘thing’ now

If you’re anything like all the companies I was dealing with at the beginning of lockdown, it was all about getting the phones diverted, making trips into the office to fetch files (and memory sticks …retro but true) and making sure everyone’s computers and internet speeds at home were up to scratch.

Their solutions weren’t very well thought through (by them, I might hastily add) because …well we were only locking down for three weeks, right? And remember SARS? It didn’t make much of an impact here and we all managed to carry on as normal, so probably COVID would be a similar story.

Hmm …not so much.

So here we are …15 weeks in and counting. The world has not returned to normal. We are (for the most part) still working remotely. Home internet speeds can be a bit dodgy, the computers aren’t always up to scratch – and as for the phone systems, well they don’t always play ball.

Now, there seems to have been a bit of a lightbulb moment (I’m trying to resist saying ‘new normal’ …but that), so these temporary fixes aren’t going to do the job long term. So what now?

Well in short, now’s the time to think again about your IT systems.

Are they doing what you need them to, regardless of whether you have some of your team in the office and some at home?

Has everyone working at home got access to everything they need all the time, without asking somebody else for it?

Have you thought about internet speeds and connectivity at each remote worker’s home, and how you’re going to address these issues so that your company is working as efficiently as it can?

What about printers? Does everybody have them that needs them? What if their own equipment breaks or isn’t fast or modern enough to do what you need it to do? Who pays for it? Where is the line between your responsibility and theirs?

These are just some of the many questions we’re being asked on a regular basis at the moment. And you’ll be pleased to hear, we have all the answers. So get in touch today to discuss how to get (and keep) your workforce working to the best of their ability in no time at all, thanks to one of our bespoke system options.

Stay Safe.



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